Wednesday November 20:

Density Worksheet

Thursday November 14:

density worksheet

Wednesday November 13:

Density Quiz

Density of an Irregular Solid Lab

Thursday November 7:

Density of A regular Solid Worksheet Fall 2018

Wednesday November 6:

Density worksheet turned in for a grade

Density Worksheet Chemistry 101 (Revised)

Density of a regular solid Lab

October 21-November 1:

Out sick

October 2-October 21:

Fall Break

Wednesday October 2:

Density Worksheet

Thursday September 26

Review units

Wednesday September 25:


Thursday September 19:

Finish Mini Metric Olympics

Wednesday September 18:

Colored Water Lab

Thursday September 12:

Mini Metric Olympics

Wednesday September 11:

Quiz over Tools, Elements. Safety

SC Speeches

Thursday September 5:

Turned in for a Grade

Enlarging a House Student Sheet

Wednesday September 4:

Metric Measurement Lab (Revised 2019)

Practice using a Graduated Cylinder and Reading the Meniscus

Thursday August 29:


Wednesday August 28:

Measuring Line Segments


Thursday August 22:

JFKS Lab Safety Contract

Lab Safety Video

Wednesday August 21:

Lab Tools in English and German

Elements to Memorize (Edited Version)

Classroom Rules (updated 2018)