9F Biology

Friday January 17:

Questions below due on Friday

Virus Book Reading and Guided Questions

The assignment listed below was turned in for a grade.  If you were absent you need to come by and make a copy of the pages out of the Glenco Text Book

Virus Glenco Book Questions

Friday January 10:

Semester Test

Wednesday January 8:

Videos over Thalidomide/conjoined twins

Wednesday December 18:

Notes over Stages of Development

Friday December 13:

Placenta Notes

Wednesday December 11:
9F Reading Assignment

Friday December 6:

Fertilization to Implantation Drawing to Label

Wednesday December 4:

Human Development Before Birth Reading and Questions (Revised)

Friday November 29:


Wednesday November 27:

Sequencing the Reproductive System Activity

Friday November 22:


Wednesday November 20:

Menstruation and Preparation for PG Reading

Friday November 15:


Ovulation Graphing Activity

Wednesday November 13:

Finish notes on Menstrual Cycle Bead Activity

Friday November 8:

Menstrual Cycle Bead Notes (Revised)

Wednesday November 6:

Oxford Menstrual Cycle Reading

Menstruation Vocabulary Notes

Oct 21-November 1:

Out sick

October 3-20:

Fall Break

Friday September 27:


Wednesday September 25:

Sub-Review Worksheet

Friday September 20:

Male Female Accessary Notes

Wednesday September 18:

Labeled Male Reproductive System 2018

Friday September 13:

Labeled Female Reproductive System 2018

Wednesday September 11:

Begin Labeling Female Reproductive System

Friday September 6:

Female Reproductive System Reading

Male Reproductive System Reading

Answer questions 1-6 on Male Reproductive System (Due in class on Wednesday September 11)

Wednesday September 4:

Classifying Male Female Parts of the Reproductive System

Friday August 30:

Characteristics of Living Things Color by Number

Wednesday August 28:

Characteristics of Living Things Notes (abbreviated)

Friday August 23:

Lab Safety Video

Wednesday August 21:

Classroom Rules (updated 2018)