9F Biology

March 30-April 3:

Holt Immune Response Reading and Worksheet Packet

March 23-March 27:

Dear Students of 9F:  The following is your assignment for this week.  The immune system  is our next topic in Biology.  Please read the articles and answer the questions.

If you do not have access to a printer, please answer the questions on your own paper.

If you have questions, please feel free to email me.

Holt NonSpecific Defenses Reading and Worksheet Packet

March 9-March 20:


Friday March 6:

Modern Marvels Video:  Penicillin

Wednesday March 4:

Finish POGIL Activity

Friday February 28:

John Snow POGIL Activity

Bacteria, Virus, Gram Stain, History Quiz

Wednesday February 26:

Cut n Paste Germ Theory Activity

Lab Safety Review


Wednesday February 19:

Worksheet turned in for a Grade:  Alexander Fleming

Alexander Fleming Discovers Penicillin

History of Bacteriology Notes

Friday February 14:

Friday February 28: Quiz over Bacteria, Viruses, Gram Staining, History of Bacteriology and all worksheets

Semester Test Thursday May 7


Wednesday February 12:


Friday January 31:

No Class Early Dismissal

Wednesday January 29:

Bacterial Cell Cut N Paste Vocabulary

Bacteria Cell Label and Coloring

Phospholipid Bilayer Drawing

Friday January 24:

Labeling a Virus and Bacteria


Wednesday January 22:

Bacteria Book Reading with Guided Questions

Friday January 17:

Questions below due on Friday

Virus Book Reading and Guided Questions

The assignment listed below was turned in for a grade.  If you were absent you need to come by and make a copy of the pages out of the Glenco Text Book

Virus Glenco Book Questions

Friday January 10:

Semester Test

Wednesday January 8:

Videos over Thalidomide/conjoined twins

Wednesday December 18:

Notes over Stages of Development

Friday December 13:

Placenta Notes

Wednesday December 11:
9F Reading Assignment

Friday December 6:

Fertilization to Implantation Drawing to Label

Wednesday December 4:

Human Development Before Birth Reading and Questions (Revised)

Friday November 29:


Wednesday November 27:

Sequencing the Reproductive System Activity

Friday November 22:


Wednesday November 20:

Menstruation and Preparation for PG Reading

Friday November 15:


Ovulation Graphing Activity

Wednesday November 13:

Finish notes on Menstrual Cycle Bead Activity

Friday November 8:

Menstrual Cycle Bead Notes (Revised)

Wednesday November 6:

Oxford Menstrual Cycle Reading

Menstruation Vocabulary Notes

Oct 21-November 1:

Out sick

October 3-20:

Fall Break

Friday September 27:


Wednesday September 25:

Sub-Review Worksheet

Friday September 20:

Male Female Accessary Notes

Wednesday September 18:

Labeled Male Reproductive System 2018

Friday September 13:

Labeled Female Reproductive System 2018

Wednesday September 11:

Begin Labeling Female Reproductive System

Friday September 6:

Female Reproductive System Reading

Male Reproductive System Reading

Answer questions 1-6 on Male Reproductive System (Due in class on Wednesday September 11)

Wednesday September 4:

Classifying Male Female Parts of the Reproductive System

Friday August 30:

Characteristics of Living Things Color by Number

Wednesday August 28:

Characteristics of Living Things Notes (abbreviated)

Friday August 23:

Lab Safety Video

Wednesday August 21:

Classroom Rules (updated 2018)