8F Chemistry

Friday December 6:

Modern Marvels Metals Answersheet



Tuesday December 3:

Friday November 29:


Tuesday November 26:

Metals vs Nonmetals notes

Due Tuesday December 3

Atomic Number Project

Friday November 22:


Tuesday November 19:

Semester Test

Friday November 12:

Atomic Number Mass Number 1

Atomic Number Mass Number 2

Tuesday November 12:

Long PTE with Lanthanides and Actinides

Atomic Nr Mass Nr Notes 2019

Week of November 4-8:

Semester Test Tuesday November 19

2019 Colored PTE Notes

Moseley and Seaborg

October 3-October 20:

Fall Break

Tuesday October 1:

Friday September 27:

return Quiz

Finish Notes on Parts of an Atom

Tuesday September 24:

Parts of an Atom Student Notes


Friday September 20:


Tuesday September 17:

Atomic Models  Notes

Friday September 13:

Gold Foil Diagram

Tuesday September 10:

Quiz over Elements, Tools and Safety

Friday September 6:

Quiz over History of Chemistry Tuesday September 24

Gallery Walk Student Answersheet with Notes

Tuesday September 3:

Begin History of the Atom Gallery Walk

Friday August 30:

Element Review

Finish labeling lab tools

Tuesday August 27:

Quiz:  September 10 over Lab Safety, Elements and Tools

Lab Tools in English and German

Tools Worksheet (Revised 2019)

Friday August 23:

JFKS Lab Safety Contract

Lab Safety Video

Finish elements to memorize and go over proper way to write elements

Tuesday August 20:

Elements to Memorize (Edited Version)

Classroom Rules (updated 2018)