8C Chemistry

March March 23-April 3:

Dear Students of 8C  The following is your assignment for the next 2 weeks.

If you do not have access to a printer, please answer the questions on your own paper.

If you have questions, please feel free to email me.

Ionic Naming Practice Packet

Thursday March 5:

Finish worksheet from Tuesday

Tuesday March 2:

NamingBalancingTransitions Cu3(PO4)2Answersheet

Naming and Balancing Compounds with Transition Metals II Cu3(PO4_2Student

Thursday February 27:

Chemistry 1406 Transition Metal Naming Answersheet

Chemistry 1406 Transition Metals Naming Studentsheet

Transition Metal Nomenclature Rules

Tuesday February 25:

Lab Safety Review and Sign off in Course Book

Quiz over Group I, II and Al Nomenclature

Thursday February 20:

Teacher Workshop Day

Tuesday February 18:

Group I,II and Al CaBr2 Answersheet

Group I,II and Al CaBr2 Studentsheet

NomenclatureWorksheet2GroupI,II Al NaBrAnswersheet

NomenclatureWorksheet2GroupI,II Al NaBrStudentsheet

Nomenclature Chemistry 1406 Answersheet

Thursday February 13:

Introduction to Balancing Compounds 2020 Student

Tuesday February 11:

Semester test Tuesday April 28:

Group I, II and Al Nomenclature and Balancing Quiz February 25

Nomenclature Chemistry 1406 Studentsheet

Tuesday January 21:

Naming Binary Ionic Compounds (AlP)


Thursday January 16:


Tuesday January 14:


Ion Practice Worksheet 2 Answersheet

Thursday January 9:

Ion Practice Worksheet 1 Answersheet

Tuesday January 7:

QUIZ:  Tuesday January 21

Ion Notes Revised 2020

Bohr Model:LewisDot:PTE Trends 2020

Thursday December 19:

Semester Test

Tuesday December 17:

Atomic Number Mass Number Bohr Model Lewis Dot Activity

Thursday December 12:

metals in acid Lab

Tuesday December 10:

Bohr Model Notes 2019

Thursday December 5:

Modern Marvels Metals Answersheet

Tuesday December 3:

Alloy Notes

Thursday November 28:


Tuesday November 26:

Metals vs Nonmetals notes

Due Tuesday December 3

Atomic Number Project

Thursday November 21:


Tuesday November 19:


Thursday November 14:

Atomic Number Mass Number 1

Atomic Number Mass Number 2

Tuesday November 12:

Atomic Nr Mass Nr Notes 2019

Long PTE with Lanthanides and Actinides

Week November 4-8:

Tuesday November 19:  Quiz over History of Atom, History of PTE, layout of PTE and Atomic Number, Mass Number, protons, neutrons and electrons

Moseley and Seaborg

2019 Colored PTE Notes

October 21-November 1:

Out sick

Tuesday October 1:


Thursday September 26:

Finish Parts of An Atom Notes

Tuesday September 24:


Parts of an Atom Student Notes

Thursday September 19:

Finish Atomic Models Notes

Tuesday September 17:

Atomic Models  Notes Worksheet

Thursday September 12:

Gold Foil Diagram

Tuesday September 10:

Quiz over Safety, Tools and Elements

Thursday September 5:

Quiz over History of Chemistry Tuesday September 24

Gallery Walk Student Answersheet with Notes

Tuesday September 3:

Begin History of the Atom Gallery Walk

Thursday August 29:

Review Elements

Finish Labeling Lab tools

Tuesday August 27:

Quiz:  September 10 over Lab Safety, Elements and Tools

Lab Tools in English and German

Tools Worksheet (Revised 2019)

Thursday August 22:

JFKS Lab Safety Contract

Lab Safety Video

Finish elements to memorize and go over proper way to write elements

Tuesday August 20:

Elements to Memorize (Edited Version)

Classroom Rules (updated 2018)