7D Biology

March March 23-April 3:

Dear Students of 7D Biology:

The following is your assignment for the next 2 weeks.

If you do not have access to a printer, please answer the questions on your own paper.

If you have questions, please feel free to email me.


Nutrition Packet Fr Aurich

March 16-March 20:

Dear Students of 7D:  The following is your assignment for this week.  Nutrition is our next topic in Biology.  Please read the articles and answer the questions.  Once you have read and answered the questions fill in the hexagons with the information from the readings or our classroom notes from the digestive system.

If you do not have access to a printer, please answer the questions on your own paper.

If you have questions, please feel free to email me.

Nutrition Reading and Hexagon Activity

Tuesday and Friday March 3 & 6:

Colored:labeled Teeth and Mouth Diagram

Teeth and Mouth Diagram Studentsheet

Friday February 28:

Teeth Reading

Video over Bulemia

Tuesday February 25:

Lab Safety Review and Sign off in Course Book

Quiz over Digestive System

Friday February 21:

Tuesday February 18:

Digestive System Labeled and Colored (Complete)

Tuesday February 11:

Continue working on Digestive System labeling

Semester test Tuesday May 5

Friday January 31:

Early Dismissal 10:35

Tuesday: MSA

Friday January 24:

Digestive System Labeling Studentsheet

Begin Labeling Digestive System

Tuesday January 21:

Digestion in Small and Large Intestine EdH

Digestive System Reading EdH

Digestion in the Mouth Reading EdH


Tuesday and Friday January 14 & 17:

3-D Cell Labeling and Coloring

CompareContrast PlantAnimalCell Answersheet

Friday January 10:

Plant Cell Drawing and Notes

Tuesday January 7:

Notebook/Heft Check – if you were absent you need to turn in your notebook for me to review and grade

Friday December 20:

Be prepared for Notebook Check

Animal Cell Notes

Tuesday December 17:

Cell Theory and Scientists Notes

Friday December 13:

Onion Cell Lab

Tuesday December 10:

Onion Cell Lab

Friday December 6:

view prepared slides

Tuesday December 3:

Microscope (Unlabeled)

Thursday November 28:

Tuesday November 26:

Semester Long Quiz

Thursday November 21:


Tuesday November 19:

No Class – Illness

Thursday November 14:

No Class – illness

Tuesday November 12:

Food Chain Foodweb Notes

Food Web Food Chain Worksheet

Friday November 8:

Worksheet to be done as homework and turned in for a grade at next class

Energy FLow in Ecosystems Reading

Hexagon Vocabulary Activity Answersheet

Tuesday November 5:

Notes on Energy Pyramid

October 21-November 1:

Illness – substitutes

Oct 3-Oct 20

Fall Break

Tuesday October 1:

Water Cycle Wheel Project

Friday September 27:

Bill Nye Science Guy Video on Water Cycle

Tuesday September 24:

Water Cycle Notes Revised 2019


Friday September 20:

Fun Run

Tuesday September 17:

Carbon Cycle Notes

Friday September 13:

Celllular Respiration vs Photosynthesis

Tuesday September 10:

Prokarytotic vs Eukaryotic Notes

Friday September 6:

Characteristics of Living Things Color by Number

Finish Characteristics of Living Things

Tuesday September 3:

Characteristics of Living Things Notes (abbreviated)

Friday August 30:


Tuesday August 27:

HW:  Nature of Science Color by Number

Scientific Method Notes (updated)

Friday August 23:

Lab Safety Video

JFKS Lab Safety Contract

Tuesday August 20:

Classroom Rules (updated 2018)