7D Biology

Friday December 6:

view prepared slides

Tuesday December 3:

Microscope (Unlabeled)

Thursday November 28:

Tuesday November 26:

Semester Long Quiz

Thursday November 21:


Tuesday November 19:

No Class – Illness

Thursday November 14:

No Class – illness

Tuesday November 12:

Food Chain Foodweb Notes

Food Web Food Chain Worksheet

Friday November 8:

Worksheet to be done as homework and turned in for a grade at next class

Energy FLow in Ecosystems Reading

Hexagon Vocabulary Activity Answersheet

Tuesday November 5:

Notes on Energy Pyramid

October 21-November 1:

Illness – substitutes

Oct 3-Oct 20

Fall Break

Tuesday October 1:

Water Cycle Wheel Project

Friday September 27:

Bill Nye Science Guy Video on Water Cycle

Tuesday September 24:

Water Cycle Notes Revised 2019


Friday September 20:

Fun Run

Tuesday September 17:

Carbon Cycle Notes

Friday September 13:

Celllular Respiration vs Photosynthesis

Tuesday September 10:

Prokarytotic vs Eukaryotic Notes

Friday September 6:

Characteristics of Living Things Color by Number

Finish Characteristics of Living Things

Tuesday September 3:

Characteristics of Living Things Notes (abbreviated)

Friday August 30:


Tuesday August 27:

HW:  Nature of Science Color by Number

Scientific Method Notes (updated)

Friday August 23:

Lab Safety Video

JFKS Lab Safety Contract

Tuesday August 20:

Classroom Rules (updated 2018)