7B Chemistry

Friday January 31:

Early Dismissal

Wednesday January 29:



Friday January 24:

Oxidation of Metals Lab

Wednesday January 22:

Oxidation of Mg Lab

Friday January 17:

Practice Lighting a Bunsen Burner

Wednesday January 15:

Blank Bunsen Burner

Friday January 10:

Fire Triangle Notes 2020

Wednesday January 8:

Begin Fire Triangle

Notebook Check:  If you were absent you need to turn your notebook/heft into me to check

Friday December 22:

Be Prepared for a Notebook Check

Finish Candle in Water Lab

Wednesday December 18:

Candle in Water Lab

Friday December 13:

Candle Mini Labs

Wednesday December 11:

PTE Puzzle

Friday December 6:

2019 Candle Observation Drawing

Wednesday December 4:

Observing a Candle Before, During and After Burning

Friday November 29:


Wednesday November 27:

Semester Quiz

Friday November 22:


Wednesday November 20:

Review Worksheet:  Classifying Matter

Friday November 15:

Worksheet Due at End of Class for a Grade

CandlesReadingand Worksheet

Wednesday November 13:

Review classifying elements/compounds/mixtures/ Pogil Style

Friday November 8:

Mini Physical Separation of Substances Lab

Finish notes

Wednesday November 6:

Elements Compounds Mixtures Notes (Revised 2019)

October 21-November 1:

Illness – substitutes

Oct 3-Oct 20

Fall Break

Friday September 27:

Label PTE with solids/liquids/gases

7th Grade PTE Coloring Activity

Finish States of Matter Notes

Wednesday September 25:


Friday September 20:


Wednesday September 18:

States of Matter Notes

Friday September 13:

History of Chemistry Notes 7th Grade Revised 2019

Wednesday September 11:

Quiz over Elements Tools and Safety

Friday September 6:

short quiz over elements


Readings overHistory of  Alchemy,

History of Ancient Times,

History of Ancient Greece


What is Chemistry Notes 7th Grade 2019

Wednesday September 4:

Practice Elements

Finish Labeling Tools

Friday August 30:


Wednesday August 27:

Quiz:  September 11 over Lab Safety, Elements and Tools

Lab Tools in English and German

Tools Worksheet (Revised 2019)

Friday August 23:

Lab Safety Video

JFKS Lab Safety Contract

Elements to Memorize (Edited Version)

Wednesday August 21:

Classroom Rules (updated 2018)