9F Biology

Friday June 7:

Changes over Time Reading Studentsheet

Monday June 3:

Darwin Reading Studentsheet

May 27-May 31:

ABI and Holiday

May 13-24:


Tuesday May 7:


Monday May 6:

Immune System Chart (revised)

Friday May 3:

Semester Test

Friday April 12:

Textbook p 1099 questions 1,5,6,7,8,14,15

Monday April 8:

p. 1098 Copy Section 2:  Immune System summary

Textbook p 1088-89 Copy chart on bottom of the page

Friday April 5:

Textbook p 1091 Questions 2,3,4

Friday March 29:

Holt Disorders of the Immune System Reading

Active Reading Disorders of the Immune System

Monday March 25:

Holt Disease Transmission &Prevention Reading

Friday March 22:

Immune Response Active Reading Answersheet

Immune Response Directed Reading Answersheet

Holt Immune Response Reading

Directed Reading Immune Response

Monday March 18:

NonSpecific Defenses Active Reading Answersheet

NonSpecific Defenses Directed Reading Answersheet

Active Reading NonSpecific Defenses

Holt NonSpecific Defenses Reading

Monday March 11 & Friday March 15

Communicable Diseases Webquest

Friday March 8:

No Class – Holiday

Monday March 4:

Labeling Virus and Bacteria Answersheet

Bacteria Book Reading with Guided Questions

Friday March 1:

Virus Active Reading on Lytic and Lysogenic cycle with questions

Monday February 25:

Bacteriophage Drawing p 527 in textbook

Virus Book Reading and Guided Questions

Friday February 22:

Review Lab Safety


Monday February 18:


Friday February 15:

POGIL Cholera Epidemic in London

Monday February 11:

Germ Theory Cut n Paste Activity

Semester Test Friday May 3

Quiz Friday February 22

Monday January 28:

Short Video Clips on Koch, Pasteur, Lister, Germ Theory

Week of January 25:

History of Bacteriology Notes

Friday January 18:

Tuesday January 15:

Go Over STD Chart

Friday January 11:

STD Research Chart

Tuesday, January 8:

Monday December 17 & Friday December 21:

Miracles of Life Video (you may you-tube this to find the video)

Friday December 14:

Semester Test

Monday December 10:

Stages of Human Development Sequencing

Major Events in Fetal Development

Friday December 7:

Begin Notes on Fetal Development

Monday December 3:
Fertilization to Implantation Notes

Friday November 30:
Fertilization to Implantation Drawing to Label

Monday November 26:
Begin Discussing Fertilization and Implantation
Friday November 23:
Monday November 19:
Friday November 16:
Monday November 12:
Understanding Main Ideas p 1053 answer questions 2,3,4
Understanding Main Ideas Reproduction p 1053
Friday November 9:
Fertilization Reading and Drawing of the Sperm Fertilizing the Egg
Fertlization Reading p 1053-1067
Monday November 5:
Ovulation Graphing Activity
Friday October 19:
Sequencing the Reproductive System Activity Answersheet
Monday October 15:
Menstruation and Preparation for PG Reading
The Ovum Textbook Reading and Questions
Friday October 12:
Menstrual Cycle Bead Notes
Monday October 8:
Menstrual Cycle with Beads Reading
Friday October 5:
Oxford Menstrual Cycle Reading
Monday October 1:
External Female Genitalia Notes
Crash Course Male and Female Reproductive Questions

Friday September 28:
Continue Labeling Male and Female Accessory Page
Quiz over Male Female Reproductive System
Monday September 24:
Labeled Female Reproductive System 2018
Male Female Accessary Notes
Monday September 17:
Male and Female Reproductive System Labeling (new 2017)
Labeled Male Reproductive System 2018
Friday September 14:
Labeling Female Reproductive System 2018 Student
Turn in Homework
Monday September 10:
Female Reproductive System Reading
Male Reproductive System Reading
Friday September 7:
Characteristics of Living Things Notes (abbreviated)
Monday September 3:
Friday August 31:
Finish POGIL Activity and Discuss
Monday August 27:
POGIL Activity Scientific Inquiry
Friday August 24:
JFKS Lab Safety Contract
Lab Safety Video and Signatures
Monday August 20:
Classroom Rules (updated 2018)