8th Science Lab

Thursday June 6:

Early Dismissal Due to Heat

Wednesday June 5:


Thursday May 16:

Gas LawCalculations Notes Key

Wednesday May 15:

Gas Law Notes (001)

Thursday May 9:

Mysteries of Matter Part 1

Wednesday May 8:

History of Gases Notes

Thursday March 28:

A/B Multiple Choice Review

Wednesday March 27:


Thursday March 7:

Acid Base Neutralization Equations Answersheet

Wednesday March 6:

AcidBase Neutralization Equations Notes

Thursday February 28:

Watch A/B Student Projects

Wednesday February 27:

Watch Acid Base Student Projects

Thursday February 21:

Practice naming Acids


Wednesday February 20:

Naming Acids Notes 8th Lab Science

Thursday February 14:

Teacher Workshop Day

Wednesday February 13:

Review Lab Safety and Sign in Course Book

Modern Marvels Acids Answersheet

Thursday January 31:

A/B Quiz Thursday February 21

Project Due Date:  February 27

Acid Base Take Home Project 2019

Wednesday January 30:

Stanford Testing

Thursday January 24:

Universal Indicator Lab

Wednesday January 23:

Rotkohl Lab

Rotkohl A/B Indicator Lab

Acid Base Indicator Lab Sheet

Thursday January 17:

Litmus Paper Acid/Base Testing

Wednesday January 16:

Acid Base Notes 2019

Thursday January 10:

Presentation of Research

Wednesday January 9:

Element Ornament Research

Wednesday December 19:

Shrinky Dink Christmas lab

Thursday December 13:

Begin Shrinky Dinks

Wednesday December 12:

Shaving Cream Chromatography

Thursday December 6:
Turned in for a grade
Make your own picture and key
Wednesday December 5:
Turned in for a grade
Continue with Chromatography Challenge,
Thursday November 29:
Continue Chromatography Challenge
Wednesday November 28:
Begin Chromatography Challenge
Thursday November 15:
Wednesday November 14:
PTE Coloring Activity 2017 Sam Williams
Thursday November 9:
Chromatography Lab – using Vis a Vie pens
Wednesday November 7:
Chemical and Physical Changes Worksheet
Thursday October 18:
Bill Nye Science Guy Chemical Physical Changes
Wednesday October 17:
Chemical/Physical Changes Lab
Thursday October 11:
Density Major Quiz
Wednesday October 10:
Density Review Worksheet
Raiders of the Lost Arc Density Activity
Thursday October 4:
Density Worksheet 2
Wednesday October 3:
Thursday September 27:
Density of an Irregular Solid
Wednesday September 26:
Density of a Liquid Lab
Thursday September 20:
Density of a Solid Doublesided Worksheet
Wednesday September 19:
Density of a Regular Solid Lab
Thursday September 13:
Density of a Regular Solid Fall 2018 Answersheet
Density of A regular Solid Worksheet Fall 2018
Wednesday September 12:
Begin Density calculations
SC Speeches
Thursday September 6:
Enlarging a House Student Sheet
Wednesday September 5:
Colored Water Lab
Thursday August 30:
Wednesday August 29:
Measuring Line Segments
Measuring with a Graduated Cylinder
Thursday August 23:
JFKS Lab Safety Contract
Lab Safety Video and Signatures
Wednesday August 22:
PTE Elements to Memorize
Lab Tools in English and German
Classroom Rules (updated 2018)