8F Chemistry

Friday June 14:

Quarter Test

Tuesday June 11:


Friday June 7:

Classifying Chemical Equations Notes

Tuesday June 4:

Write and Balance the Following Equations KClO3 Answersheet

Friday May 17:

Begin Balancing Equations written in words


Tuesday May 14:

Balancing Equations and Classifying Equations Answersheet

Friday May 10:

Balancing the Following Equations K+H2O Answersheet

Balancing Equations Chemistry 1406 Answersheet

Tuesday May 7:


Friday March 29:

Group I,II and Al and Transition Metal Quiz/Review

Tuesday March 26:

5th PK No school

Friday March 8:


Tuesday March 5:

Review Nomenclature

Friday March 1:

NAMINGandBalancing Compounds with TransitionMetalsFeNO3 An…

Chemistry 1406 Transition Metals Naming Studentsheet

Tuesday February 26:

Transition Metals CuOH Answersheet

Friday February 22:

Begin naming and balancing Transition metals


Tuesday February 19:

Review for Quiz

Lab Safety Review

Friday February 15:

Review Worksheet Group I, II and Al naming and balancing

Tuesday February 12:

Nomenclature Practice CaOH2 answersheet

Friday February 1:

Semester Test June 4

Quiz over naming and balancing compounds Friday February 22

Meet with HR Classes for Report Cards

Tuesday January 29:

MSA- no classes

Friday January 25:

Balancing Group I,II and Al Compounds

Tuesday January 22:

Nomenclature Chemistry 1406 Studentsheet

Friday January 18:

Naming Ionic Compounds (New 2018)

Tuesday January 15:

Notes using Polyatomics

Friday January 11:

Naming Binary Ionic Compounds Answersheet

Naming Binary Ionic Compounds

Tuesday January 8:

Notes over Naming Ionic Compounds

Friday December 21:

Bohr Odel Lewis Dot Atomic Number Completed Chart Activity

Tuesday December 18:

Atomic Number Bohr Model Ion OR worksheet


Friday December 14:

Ion Practice Worksheet 2 Answersheet

Ion Practice Worksheet 1 Answersheet

Tuesday December 11:

Ion Bead Lab Answersheet

Friday December 7:
Ion Notes
Tuesday December 4:
Periodic Solubility Lab Revised
Friday November 30:
Metal + Acid produces Hydrogen gas Lab
Tuesday November 27:
Semester Test
Friday November 23:
Tuesday November 20:
Individual Review for Semester Test
Friday November 16:
Tuesday November 13:
Friday November 9:
Modern Marvels Metals Answersheet
Tuesday November 6:
Metals vs Nonmetals notes
PTE Note Labeling Activity (Revised)
Friday October 19:
Continue with Labeling PTE
Tuesday October 16:
Begin Labeling PTE
Finish PTE History Notes
Friday October 12:
Notes on History of PTE
Tuesday October 9:
Video: Mysteries of Matter: Mendeleev
Friday October 5:
Bohr Model Cookie Lab
Tuesday October 2:
JFKS Bohr Model Box Activity
Friday September 28:
Flame Test Lab
Tuesday September 25:
Begin Notes on Bohr Model
Friday September 21:
Isotope Notes
Tuesday September 18:
Practice Atomic Number Mass Number
Friday September 14:
Quiz on Tuesday September 25
8F Atomic Number Mass number notes
Tuesday September 11:
Begin notes on Atomic Number and Mass Number
Friday September 7:
HW Check over Notes
Tuesday September 4:
History of the Atom Abbreviated Notes
Friday August 31:
Begin Notes on History of the Atom
Tuesday August 28:
REview Elements and Tools
Lab Tools in English and German
Friday August 24:
JFKS Lab Safety Contract
Flash Cards
Lab Safety Video and Signatures
Tuesday August 21:
Elements to Memorize
Classroom Rules (updated 2018)