7B Biology

Tuesday June 11:


Monday June 10:


Tuesday June 4:

Labeled Heart, Notes, Pulse Points

Tuesday May 14:

2nd Semester Test

Monday May 13:

colored heart

Tuesday May 7:

EdHelper Best Burgers Studentsheet

Monday May 6:

CarbohydrateFatsProteins Notes

Tuesday March 5:

Osmosis Diffusion Lab Notes

Monday March 4:

Saliva Pretzel Lab

Tuesday February 26:

Mini Lab:  Bowel Sounds

Digestive System Labeled and Colored (Complete)

Tuesday February 19:

Digestion in Small and Large Intestine EdH

The Esophagus and The Stomach Reading EdH

Clean out folder and reorganize for 2nd semester

Review Lab Safety

Cell Quiz

Monday February 18:


Tuesday February 12:

Digestion in the Mouth Reading EdH

Digestive System Reading EdH

Monday February 11:

Digestion System Labeling in English and German

Semester Test Tuesday May 14

Cell Quiz Tuesday February 19

Tuesday January 29:

MSA – no classes

Monday January 28:

Magic School Bus Video – get cellular

Tuesday January 22:


MOnday January 21:

Onion Cell Slide and Viewing

Tuesday January 15:

Microscopes:  Viewing Diatomacious Earth

Monday January 14:

A View of the Cell Theory Review Worksheet

Finish 3-D Cell

Tuesday January 8:

Semester Test

Monday January 7:

3-D Cell Labeling and Coloring

Tuesday December 18:

CompareContrast PlantAnimalCell Answersheet

Tuesday December 18:

Plant Cell Coloring Answersheet Revised

Animal Cell Coloring Answersheet Revised

Monday December 17:

Animal Cell Coloring Revised

Plant Cell Coloring Revised

Tuesday December 11:

Cell History and Microscope Notes


Monday December 10:

Wet Mount Slide “e” Preparation

Tuesday December 4:
Practice Viewing Slides
Monday December 3:
Microscope (Unlabeled)
Tuesday November 27:

Monday November 26:
Discuss Class knowledge of Cells
Turn in Food Web
Tuesday November 20:
Continue to work on Food Web Project
Monday November 19:
Continue to work on Food Web Project
Tuesday November 13:
Continue to work on Food Web Project
Monday November 12:
No Class – Early Dismissal
Tuesday November 13:
Start Food Web Project
Monday November 12:
No Class – Early Dismissal
Tuesday November 6:
Design your own Food Web Project
Monday November 5:
Design Your Own Food Pyramid
Tuesday October 16:
Aquatic Food Web Student Copy
Monday October 15:
Bill Nye Science Guy Food Web Video
Notebook check
October 8-9th
Tuesday October 2:
Energy Flow in An Ecosystem Diagram
Monday October 1:
Energy FLow in Ecosystems Reading
Tuesday September 25:
Cut N Paste Activity Levels of Organization
Hexagon Vocabulary Activity Answersheet
Tuesday September 18-Monday September 24:
Forest Notes and Diagram
Monday September 17:
Turn in Water Wheel Homework
Guided Worksheet for video

Tuesday September 11:
Homework Assignment: Water Cycle Wheel


Monday September 10:
Water Cycle Booklet
Tuesday September 4:
Characteristics of Living Things Notes (abbreviated)
Monday September 3:
Tuesday August 28:
Scientific Method Worksheet
Monday August 27:
Scientific Method Notes (7th grade)
Tuesday August 21:
JFKS Lab Safety Contract
MOnday August 20:
Classroom Rules (updated 2018)