10th AP-Prep

Thursday April 11:

MSA German

Monday April 8:

Project Introduction SPDF Hotel

Monday April 1:

PTE Puzzle

Thursday March 28:

PTE Labeling Activity

Monday March 25:

Aufbau and Electron Configuration Worksheet Day

Monday March 3:

Go over semester test

Thursday February 28:

Semester Test

Monday February 25:

Finish notes on electron configurations and orbital diagrams

Thursday February 21:

SPDF Orbital Notes

Ionic Covalent Notes

Monday February 18:


Thursday January 17:

Solution Labeling

Monday January 14:

Solution Labeling

Thursday January 10:

Solution Labeling

Monday January 7:

Begin Solution Labeling

Thursday December 20:

Shrinky Dink Christmas Lab

Monday December 17:

Semester Quiz

Thursday December 13:

Review for Semester Quiz

Monday December 10:

Molecular Formulas (3 pages)

Thursday December 6:
Begin Empirical Formulas
Percent Composition II Answersheet
Monday December 3:
Mehr Moles Praxis für Deine Verngügen Studentsheet
Thursday November 29:
10th Grade Project Day
Monday November 26:
Review different types of Mole problems
Monday November 19:
Finish Fun with Moles Side 1
Thursday November 15:
Monday November 12:
Thursday November 7:
Continuing with Mole Calculations One step More Answersheet
Monday November 5:
Moles Calculation II
Thursday October 18:
Mole Day Celebration
Monday October 15:
Moles of All Types Worksheet
Thursday October 11:
gRams to Representative Particles
Finish Moles Notes worksheet
Go over HW check
Monday October 8:
Moles Independent Class work
Thursday October 7:
Avogadro’s Number Rice Activity
Monday October 1:
Calculate molecules of water in a cup
Calculating molecules of sugar in a piece of Hubba Bubba
Thursday September 27:
MOle Worksheet 1 Moles to Particles
MOle Worksheet 1 Moles to Particles
Monday September 24:
The Mole Notes Sheet & Calculations
Calculating Molar Mass and Moles Calculations Answersheet
Thursday September 20:
Molar Mass 2 Answersheet
Monday September 17:
no Class 10th grade Excursion
Thursday September 13:
No Lesson 10CD Field Trip
Monday September 10:
Review parts of an equation
Nomenclature Quiz
Thursday September 6:
Review Game
Go over Chem 1406 Nomenclature Packet
Monday September 3:
Chem 1406 Nomenclature Complete Packet
Monday August 27:
Formulas and Nomenclature
Thursday August 23:
Nomenclature Rules
Polyatomic Ion Trends and Helpful Hints
Monday August 20:
Classroom Rules (updated 2018)